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Baby Christmas Present Ideas - Tikiri Toys Bestsellers

December 04, 2020

Baby Christmas Present Ideas - Tikiri Toys Bestsellers


baby christmas present ideas

Looking for that Perfect Baby Christmas Present? 

Are you stuck when trying to think about what to buy that special little person for Christmas? It is particularly hard trying to buy for somebody else's baby as you may not know what they have already and want to buy them something useful that they will love. Parents can also find it tough to narrow down the huge choice of baby gifts and toys out there and choose the best ethical, functional and most useful present for their babies. 

To help you find that perfect baby Christmas present we thought we would share some of our Tikiri bestsellers that will always go down a treat with any baby or toddler. The great thing about buying a Tikiri toy as a baby Christmas present is they not only look super cute but they are highly functional too. They are nearly all teethers or have some sort of soothing quality to them which will not only be popular with babies but may offer some welcome relief to parents too! 

You can also rest assured that all Tikiri products are sourced from pure natural rubber and ethically sourced cotton materials.

Tikiri Toys Baby Christmas Toys Bestsellers

1. Alvin The Elephant Baby Squeaker Toy

Alvin the Elephant Natural Rubber Best Christmas Baby Teether Tikiri Toys

Alvin is part of our super popular Alvin and Maya collection and the squeaker is very popular toy for children who enjoy a lot of stimulation. Alvin can keep babies entertained for hours with his squeaking and also can act as a teether too to soothe sore gums. 

2. Ocean Buddies Bath Toys  

Ocean Buddies Christmas Baby Bath Toy Natural Rubber Toy

A lot of babies and toddlers are not big fans of bath time but they soon will be with our ocean buddies bath toys. Babies can let their imaginations run wild whilst playing with the ocean buddies bath toys which rattle and also have teether qualities too them. 

3. Dragons and Unicorns Baby Toy Collection 

Dragon Toy Natural Rubber Tikiri Toys Christmas Baby Toy

Our Dragon and Unicorn baby toys are amazing for letting babies and children's imaginations run wild. They are some of our most popular toys with good reason - they look stunning! They have crinkly wings or tail which offer touch stimulation, they rattle for noise stimulation and also have teether qualities to them. There is one thing to be sure of - if you buy that special little person in your life one of these you will be very popular indeed! 

4. Meiya the Mouse Lovey 

Lovey baby christmas present idea

Meiya is Alvin the Elephants best friend and for this toy she is a very cuddly lovey. Her body is made from soft fabric and she also has a head which is designed for teething so is multipurpose. Babies often sleep much better with a soft friend to cuddle at night and Meiya might just be that perfect friend! 

5. Havah the Bunny Ring Teether 

Havah the Bunny Baby Toy Baby Christmas Toy

Havah is a perfect present for teething babies and will be popular with babies and parents alike! Teething can be a difficult time all round and a ring teether can really help soothe sore gums and ease pain. If you would like to learn more about baby teething then please see our tips for helping a baby teething blog here

And there we have it - 5 of our most popular products which will all make excellent baby Christmas presents. 

If you have any questions about any of the products listed above then please feel free to contact us here

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